Last Weeks Links For 10/19-10/24

Here are Last Weeks Link that I tweeted.

8 Ways to Write and Finish a Work of Fiction
10 Writing Tips From Stephen King
7 Remarkable Sites to Find Writing Prompts
Does being a good writer make you a good person?
10 Smart Things to Do When Writing
7 Things I Learned Mid-Book
8 Ways Scrivener Aids My Writing
Writing and Publishing a Novel in 589 Easy Steps
30 Authors Give Advice to Young Writers in One Sentence
Eliminate these 5 words and phrases to simplify your writing
5 ways to break the writing rules
Three Components to Writing a Successful Collaborative Novel
Completing A Novel: A Look At Various Writing Methods
Seat-of-the-Pants Writers
How to Revise Scene-by-Scene
Too Many Words- A Writer’s Dilemma
10 Smart Things to Do When Writing
Write Drunk, Edit Sober, BREAK RULES
4 Ways to Write Interesting and Attract New Readers
Writing is all about those outlandish little details

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