📚My September 2019 Book Reviews

My 2019 September Book Reviews

Winter World (The Long Winter, #1) by A.G. Riddle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazon Page, Author Website

Exciting, hard to put down, fast-paced ride till the end! 

 Each month, it grows  colder. Snow falls in summer. Glaciers trample cities across North  America, Europe, and Asia. The new ice age gripping the Earth shows no  signs of stopping.

Chaos erupts. Around the world, people abandon their homes, fleeing the cold, flocking to regions where they can survive.

Nations prepare to go to war for the world’s last habitable zones.

NASA  and other scientific organizations race to discover why the world is  cooling. They send probes into the solar system to collect readings.  Near Mars, one of the probes finds something no one expected: a  mysterious object, drifting toward the sun. Could it be responsible for  the new ice age? And if so, can we stop it? Or is the artifact merely an  observer? Or neither? Could it be a relic from a long-extinct  civilization? One thing is certain: investigating the artifact is  humanity’s best hope of survival.

As the ice age claims more  lives and the world slides into anarchy, an international consortium  launches a mission into space to study the object and make contact. But  the first contact mission doesn’t go as planned. What the crew discovers  out there is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Two members of the first contact mission may hold the keys to humanity’s salvation.

Dr.  Emma Matthews is the commander aboard the International Space Station.  For months, she has watched the world below freeze and civilization  unravel. The headlines tell only half of the story. The messages from  her sister tell the rest, of a world witnessing mass migrations,  fighting for survival, struggling to provide a future for their  children. When a catastrophe strikes the ISS, Emma faces her own fight  for survival.

Dr. James Sinclair is one of the greatest  scientists alive. A mind before his time. Years ago, he invented  something with the potential to change the world--an invention that  would upset the balance of power in the world forever. Fearing that  change, his enemies sent him to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But  with humanity’s future at stake, NASA asks him to join the first  contact mission. His expertise is vital to the mission’s success--and to  saving Emma. With the clock ticking down to humanity’s final days on  Earth, James makes a decision that will change his life forever and may  determine the fate of the entire human race. 
To the Bone (David Wolf, #7) by Jeff Carson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amazon Page,  Author Website

Another great Wolf novel! As always, left wanting more!

 Chief Detective David  Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father—a  well known man in ancient fossils trade circles—has been murdered, she  and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice.  

With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog  named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in northwest Colorado,  where secrets have been entombed for eons, and people are dying to keep  them that way. 

In a place where killing monsters are buried  under the earth, it becomes clear there are still some roaming topside,  and in this suspense-filled seventh installment of the David Wolf  series, Wolf must keep his wits or his bones will be found next. 
Natural Causes (Lassiter/Martinez Case Files Book 3) by Joseph Badal

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Amazon Page,  Author Website

Became drawn out after the killer is revealed. It could have ended sooner.

 Homicide detective  partners Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez return in this third  edition of the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files series. 
Called in  to investigate a mysterious death in a retirement center, Lassiter and  Martinez find themselves entangled in a case that might very well  involve multiple murders committed by a psychopathic killer. The deeper  they get into their investigation, the more complex and dangerous the  case becomes, threatening the lives of the detectives and their loved  ones. Political and bureaucratic machinations within the detectives’  department and the involvement of organized crime only make their jobs  more difficult.  

Cold Woods (Northampton County, #2) by Karen Katchur

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amazon Page, Author Website

I really enjoyed River Bodies and was hoping for the same with Cold Woods. It ended up being a bit disappointing. The two main characters from RIver Bodies are supporting characters in Cold Woods. I guess the lack of their involvement is why I'm disappointed. As for the plot of Cold Woods I found it interesting in the beginning and then predictable as the book progressed. 

 When the long-buried  bones of a man turn up in the middle of December, Pennsylvania homicide  detective Parker Reed knows he’s in for a cold case.

Trisha and  her friends were teenagers when Trisha’s stepdad went missing. Now,  thirty years later, his remains have been found in the mountains. The  women have always known there was more to his disappearance than meets  the eye, and they must confront their grim past. Secrets can stay secret  a long time in the lonely Appalachian foothills—but not forever.

When  Parker and his partner identify the remains, their investigation leads  them to Trisha’s childhood home. But the deeper Parker digs into the  crime, the more he realizes that the truth isn’t always simple. In fact,  it’s so complicated that even Trisha and her friends don’t fully  understand what really happened in those cold woods.    

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