Changing Genre Midstream

R Lawson Gamble

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As writer and reader I’ve noticed few authors write in more than one genre. I wondered why.

An author of a crime mystery series, I decided to try another category of writing. In so doing, I think I may have learned the answer to my question. It is not about ability so much as expectations, not about the writer so much as the reader. Here’s what I mean:

It is beneficial, I believe, to explore your capabilities to their farthest extent, whether physical, intellectual, or creative. Applying this philosophy to writing, I wanted to explore my capabilities in multiple genres. I had written mysteries, as mentioned above, and a history. The history was a picture book for Arcadia Press, not easily confused with any other category. I wanted to write a mid-grade/YA book and so penned Payu’s Journey, a fanciful anthropomorphic story of a dingo set in…

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