The Frustrations of Formatting

R Lawson Gamble

It is not my purpose here to talk about the technical aspects of formatting a self-publishRich w:Booked book. Experts abound, and I am eternally grateful for that fact. When I become immersed in the swamp of details or flummoxed by the idiot-syncrasies of Microsoft Word, I head for the chat rooms. This article is meant as an overview; my thoughts on the major challenges, how I deal with some of them, and perhaps as a sympathetic diatribe.

When setting about publishing a manuscript, my initial question is how first to publish it––as an eBook or a print version. Since my major publishing focus to date has been the eBook market, I lean toward publishing a Kindle as my first effort. I tell myself I may not even wish to publish a print book, or at the very least hold off a while, but ultimately the desire to own a…

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