Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links Apr 17

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On the Beauty and Magic of Details

instagram first blossomI have always paid attention the “little things.” I notice things other people don’t, like the door-shaped opening nestled at the base of an old tree, the first tiny blossom on one of my modest houseplants, or the way my younger cat’s ears look like maps to some magical kingdom.

Details matter. Minutia makes the moment.

instagram cinder earsAs writers, it’s our job to notice the details. They are part of our stock in trade. We must absorb them and squirrel them away for later … the way the veins of a fallen leaf are traced in brilliant white frost, the way a husband places his hand on the small of his wife’s back to guide her even though she’d know the way to their favorite corner table with her eyes closed, the particular shade of emerald and lime green glistening on the back of…

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