Writing Tip – You’re Not the Grammar Police

Kendra Lynn

The prickly, prissy grammar police are out. Studying & monitoring.

Check. They found a fragmented sentence. Check! Is it fragmented or fragment? Should I have used a comma somewhere in there? Did I end that sentence with a preposition?

Oh my Gosh! The sky is falling!

I’m going to say this lovingly. In a bitchy & sarcastic kind of way that’s sure to piss off some nerdy writers.

Shut. The fuck. Up.

You read it right.

The reader does not care about the fucked up grammar rules. Is it easy to read? Does it spark their imagination? Did the author read their mind & transport them to another world where the characters in the novel live on into infinity? That’s what the reader cares about.

Have ya read “Fifty Shades of Grey?” FULL OF FRAGMENTED SENTENCES. Lol. And a lot of the sentences ended with fucking prepositions. Ridiculous. And you…

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