3 Tips For Effective Fiction Writing

Joseph Sale: Graphic-Horror Writer

What makes writing great?

It’s a difficult and nebulous question. Writing means different things to different people. We take away unique experiences from writing and reflect on these experiences in various ways. Look at the reviews of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and you’ll find many people criticising the novel for how ‘bleak’ and ‘unforgiving’ it is. One cannot help but think they’ve missed the point, on the one hand, but on the other, why shouldn’t they want more levity in the books they read? Yes, perhaps they chose the wrong book in choosing The Road if humour and a light-hearted love story was what they were looking for, but they are not wrong for wanting this from a story because we all want different things. My point? There’s no way to say that what I am about to recommend is necessarily ideal for everyone. But hopefully it will be good for most.


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