13 Things a Writer Might Say During a Late Night Writing Session #writers #blogbattle

Cool List!


  1. ‘I have just written something amazing…hello…is anyone going to congratulate me?…hello…where is everyone?’
  2. ‘Man I am writing some really deep stuff!’
  3. ‘Why oh why do they (characters) have to fall in love minutes before I plan to go to bed?’ Loud sigh!
  4. ‘It’s past midnight, I am trapped in a plot hole and I could really do with my Writer Fairy Godmother showing up!’
  5. ‘I can’t go to bed in the middle of this murder scene! Once they’re dead, and I am happy their death was convincing, I will get some sleep!’
  6. ‘Damn this first paragraph! It’s the early hours and it STILL doesn’t sound right. Must keep rewriting it!’
  7. ‘Shhhh! Quiet! Typos are close by. I must hunt them all down before dawn’
  8. ‘How can I go to sleep when these voices in my head are so loud?’
  9. ‘It must be late as I can’t stop writing unnecessary romantic…

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