My December 2015 Book Reviews

Here are my Book Reviews for December of 2015.

Courtesy of Goodreads

Was a fast paced book. Really enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure where it was going to take me at times.

Gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads

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Shadow Cove, Washington, is the kind of town everyone dreams about—quaint streets, lush forests, good neighbors. That’s what Sarah thinks as she settles into life with her new husband, Dr. Johnny McDonald. But all too soon she discovers an undercurrent of deception. And one October evening when Johnny is away, sudden tragedy destroys Sarah’s happiness.

Dazed and stricken with grief, she and Johnny begin to rebuild their shattered lives. As she picks up the pieces of her broken home, Sarah discovers a shocking secret that forces her to doubt everything she thought was true—about her neighbors, her friends, and even her marriage. With each stunning revelation, Sarah must ask herself, Can we ever really know the ones we love?

Courtesy of Goodreads

Grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Could not put this book down.

Gave this book 5 Stars on Goodreads.

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The President has killed his wife… on live TV, during the State of the Union address!
FBI agent Rogan Bricks is a recluse with a murky past. Just an ex-soldier happy to be low-profile. While he’s shocked watching from his mansion in Alaska, he’s not particularly distressed. He’s never cared about politics anyway.

But everything changes when he’s personally summoned to Washington to lead the investigation.

Why him? Why is his life suddenly in danger from assassins? And why is everything starting to point toward a conspiracy?

Courtesy of Goodreads

Really enjoyed it. This has become one of my favorite new series.

Gave this book 4 Stars on Goodreads

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Notorious serial killer Brenda Nevins has cajoled, seduced, blackmailed, and left a trail of bodies all across Washington State. Now, after a daring prison escape, she is free to carry out her ultimate act of revenge. The targets: forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman and sheriff’s detective Kendall Stark. The pawn: a television psychic hungry for fame, ratings, and blood. There’s only way to stop a killer as brutal, brilliant, and twisted as this: beat her at her own game…


It takes a hold of you. Twists and turns till the very end. Enjoyed it greatly.

Gave this book 4 Stars on Goodreads.

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A bloodstained man runs half naked down a motorway at night dodging high-speed traffic. Admitted to a psychiatric ward suffering from amnesia, he has a detailed knowledge of sophisticated weaponry and military techniques, all evidence of terrorism. When his armed guards are murdered and his psychiatrist, Dr Elizabeth Santer, is abducted, a desperate hunt begins for a dangerous killer. He drags Elizabeth to Wales where a violent and bloody confrontation exposes treachery and political cover-up. Is he a terrorist, kidnapper or murderer? Elizabeth’s life depends on the answer.

Kept me guessing to the end who was the killer. Enjoyed it.

Courtesy of Goodreads

Gave this book 4 Stars on Goodreads

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Detective Tess McCrae investigates a grisly crime scene in the ghost town of Credo, Arizona. The evidence suggests a cartel drug hit. But Tess, with a nearly faultless photographic memory, sees what others might miss: this is no drug killing. Someone went to gruesome lengths to cover their tracks.

The killer’s trail leads from Tucson to California — from anti-government squatters to the heights of wealthy society. As Tess follows the trail of gore and betrayal, perfect and indelible in her memory, she uncovers far more than one man’s murder and solves much more than one isolated crime.

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