5 Things Writing A Comedy Blog Series Has Taught Me #writer #amwriting


Back in September I decided to create a weekly comedy blog series ‘The Diary of Roxy Collins’.

The character of Roxy Collins has actually been sat in my writing folder fora couple of years (poor girl!). I don’t think its uncommon for writers to have spare characters sat in writing folders, waiting for their opportunity to come alive. My writing folders are like waiting rooms and my head is like a packed commuter train.

I thought it was time I did something with the character of Roxy and not leave her to fester any longer. She was created during my ‘chick lit’ years when I binge read anything fun, romantic and sparkly. During this emotional reading time of my life I found myself wanting to read about a different sort of character, a comedy heroine who wasn’t so glamorous, trendy and leading a jet setting lifestyle.

Cue the creation of…

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