Do You Have A Backlog Of E-Books?

I do. An ad for an e-book flashes up on my Kindle, I click on it to see what the e-book is about. Amazon knows what I like so they make recommendations based on what I have bought in the past. Most of the time I end up buying the e-book or using Kindle Unlimited to borrow the book. What really gets me adding a lot of e-books are those ads for say “100 e-books for $1.99 each”.

I feel like I have an unending bookshelf with all these e-books I want to read. I eventually get to  some of the e-books in a couple of weeks. I do have some e-books that I bought over a year year ago that I have not read. Its not that I am not interested in reading them, just that I see the newer books before I see the older ones on my carousel.

Recently I joined goodreads. It has helped me keep track of what I have read and have to read. Currently I have 61 books waiting to be read. My goal is to cut down on how many e-books I have waiting to be read by half before New years. However I can’t guarantee that I won’t stop buying new e-books.

Do you have a backlog of e-books?

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