10 Things That Happen When You’re Obsessed With Writing

8 out of 10 are me.

Thought Catalog


1. You’re overly conscious of other people’s traits.

As writers, we are so used to getting into detail of the traits of a character that we immediately recognize them and are aware of them in real people. When I meet someone, all the adjectives I would use to describe them on the page pop in my head. From their physical description to the way they act, this person undeniably becomes a character in your mind.

2. And your surroundings.

We are very observant when it comes to our surroundings. Everything is a scene, a plot, a setting. We see things most people would overlook. We can describe things that most people wouldn’t put any words to.

3. You’re always jotting ideas down.

At the end of a week, my bag is always filled with pieces of paper, post-its, and any other random scraps that I can write an idea down and stuff…

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