Durango Public Library A Place To Visit

During the summer I frequently visit the Southwest Colorado, particularly the Durango area. The cabin I stay at has no internet access or cell reception. It is a great place to unplug and be in a sort of black hole from the world.

When I do feel the need to connect with the world I go to the Durango Public Library. It is one of the best public libraries I have visited. It offers free Wireless Access. If you don’t have a computer you can get a Visitors Pass to access the internet on one of the libraries computers.

Courtesy of Fynn Planning & Design

The second floor is the place to go if you are looking for a place to write. The second floor is quieter then the first. It has the fiction section of the library. There are several carrels that allow you to work in privacy. The North East corner is where I like to go. It gives you a nice view of Missionary Ridge. The Animas River streams by, occasionally with some rafters. The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad tracks parallel the Animas River. You can catch the daily trains in the morning and evening going by. If the moment strikes me, I occasionally will write while at the library. While contemplating what to write, it gives you a nice picturesque backdrop.

Courtesy of Visit Durango

It is worth the visit if you are vacationing in the area or just passing through. If you go, the library has children and teen sections. First time I ever came across a teen section was in the Durango Library. There is also a patio area on the ground floor at the back of the library with seating for people to enjoy the Animas River as one reads or writes. On the second floor are big pictures showing Durango’s history. For more information please visit the Durango Public Libraries Website.

Time to go: I recommend in the mornings. Easier to park and find a place to be in the library. Many tourists do visit the library and the parking lots generally have several states represented.

Open: Mon-Wed: 9:00-8:00           Thu: 10:00-5:30             Fri-Sat: 9:00-5:30            Sunday: Closed


Courtesy of Earthly Ideas

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