Some Lesser Known Ology’s

We have all heard of theology, biology and anthropology. Well there are other ology’s out there that you may not have heard of. Some that I think would have would have been interesting to study in college.

Ology means “manner of speaking” or “the study of”.

  • Alethiology: the study of truth.
  • Balneology: the study of baths and bathing.
  • Codicology: the study of manuscripts for historical purposes.
  • Dittology: the study of a double meaning or interpretation, a double entendre.
  • Emetology: the study of causes of vomiting.
  • Enigmatology: the study of puzzles.
  • Escapology: the study of escaping from restraints or other traps.
  • Futurology: the study of the future.
  • Hippology: the study of horse.
  • Killology: the study of human beings killing other human beings.
  • Logology: the study of words.
  • Lodology: the study of video games.
  • Parthenology: the study of virgins.
  • Psephology: the study of elections.
  • Rabology: the study of walking sticks.
  • Scatology: the study of feces.
  • Teratology: the study of wonders or monsters.
  • Ufology: the study of unidentified flying objects.
  • Vexillology: the study of flags.
  • Xylology: the study of wood.

Probably the most important Ology- Etymology: the study of origins of words.

If you would like to view more ology words, check out Wikipedia’s List.


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