Some Day’s You Are Not Meant To Write

So the other day I am sitting down to do some writing. It is during the week. I am excited. Got my headphones on, listening to music. Have a bottle of water nearby. The dog is chasing rabbits while he sleeps. Cell phone is set to vibrate. I start typing away. As I am getting my writing juices flowing the doorbell rings.

The dog barks. I decide to answer the door. I have been waiting for something in the mail that I have to sign for. Meanwhile the dog crates himself (I unintentionally Pavlova dogged him to the doorbell when he was puppy). Open the front door expecting my postal carrier. Nope. It is some dude from Comcast.

At this point I am wondering why he didn’t take my No Soliciting sign seriously. Guy shows me his ID. Tells me he is not here to “solicit”, just to do a survey to find out why I am no longer with Comcast. I inform him I left Comcast because the bill kept going up and up, ever since Comcast bought out the original cable company in the area.

We end up talking for about ten minutes. Tells me everything that Comcast offers besides TV. So much for not soliciting. I have a feeling I am the first person to really talk to him. He finally gives me his card and leaves. One thing I got out of the interruption was an idea for a character and a bookmark.

I call the dog out of his crate. He goes over and sniffs the front door. I head back to my laptop. I am going to try and get the writing juices flowing again. I look down in the right hand corner to check the time, but I notice my laptop is not connected to the internet.

Now I know I should just keep on writing and ignore it. It is the perfect opportunity to just write. Then I am thinking it could be something serious. Like Comcast did it because I am no longer a customer. They’ve been known to hold a grudge.

So I reboot the modem. I pull up a browser. I start typing into the address bar t-w-i-t, to go to my twitter page. I could have sworn that I had clicked on my twitter address when it popped up. I end up at some site that has a warning saying my internet security may have been compromised. A dialogue box says I need to click here to get the problem resolved.

Well I believe if I click where it told me to my whole computer would have been compromised in some way. I very carefully exit out of that tab. I then decide to run a couple of security scans to see if anything happened. I realize that it would be stupid to plug in one of the devices that I use to store my writing. If there is something malicious on my computer it could do something to a thumb drive I plug in.

I had been through something similar 2 years ago, where I had to pay some cyber specialist to retrieve data of mine. So whenever something looks malicious to my computer I become stressed out. Stress and trying to write do not work well together.

I take the time to read some resource materials. Do some outlining. Catch up on some email through my tablet. Oh look the dog is chasing rabbits again. Stuff I had planned on doing later that evening. When the scans are complete it has eaten away an hour of my time. Thankfully everything looked good. (Some details I left out in regards to the security of my computer on purpose. Can never be too careful.)

At this point my stomach is grumbling, it is almost dinner time. I decide to bag it. I believe things happen in threes.
1-Comcast dude showing up.
2-My internet dropping.
3-My security scare.

Haven’t had any problems to date. Knock on wood.

Some good came out of it. Decided to write about it for my blog. Got an idea for a character.

Always good to look on the bright side, especially when things do not work out.

Have you ever had your writing plans go awry? Tell me about it in the comments section.



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