Is Kafka The Same On Kindle?

R Lawson Gamble

The digital 100_1498age has forced choices; smart phone or single purpose phone, GPS for the car or old-fashioned map (and instinct), broadcast TV or streaming video, and my topic for this column; eBook or physical book?

As an author, my support of the eBook revolution was a no-brainer. It’s all about little time and large numbers. Write it, finish it, publish it, and sell it. No wait for agents to get on board or publishers to anguish through their process. It is conceivable to accomplish the whole process within a week. I suspect some people do.

The large numbers? More and more books available, instantly (purchase and download to your tablet, right now), more books available for free or $2.99 or less, more royalties for authors, more control, more self-determination. More competition? Sure, but I still believe in the buoyancy of quality––it will eventually rise to the surface.

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