Music For Writers: A Quartet Named ETHEL And A Guitarist Named Kaki At The Ecstatic Music Festival

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Image: Ken Goodman Image: Ken Goodman

See Or Hear Them Live, on Saturday Night

There’s only one question you can start with, when you interview the violist of a string quartet called ETHEL (yes, all caps).

Ralph Farris: The name “ETHEL” comes from the film, Shakespeare in Love. The Bard was struggling to complete a play called, Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter.Hilarity ensued.

Thank God we cleared that up.

Farris and his three ETHELassociates — violinists Kip Jones and Corin Lee, and cellist Dorothy Lawson — will be onstage Saturday evening (March 21) at the Kaufman Center’s Merkin Concert Hall on West 67th in New York. And if you can’t be there with them, you might want to jump online with New York Public Radio’s Q2 Music, which will web-cast a live stream of the event (and then offer it for on-demand listening in its Ecstatic Music Festival series

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