The 18 Saddest Short Stories You’ll Ever Read—And They’re Only Two Sentences Each

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Found on AskReddit.


I found the love of my life.
She didn’t.


He promised he would wait for her forever.
She kept him to his word.


It was a lot.
It just wasn’t enough.


He woke up, rolled over, and reached for her.
She wasn’t there, and never would be again.


They told me they could save either my wife or my son.
They were wrong.


After months of waiting he finally saw his wife.
He’d never been happier but he knew he’d have to wake up soon.


He never wanted to leave his wife.
But it was getting late and the graveyard gates were about to be closed.


My owner won’t wake up.
My food bowl has been empty for so long.


I pick up your little collar and leash, and I almost expect you to…

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