The Weirdest Dude Ever Just Moved In With My Girlfriend And I And I Don’t Know What To Do

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3670325246_e53fea9d23_ovia Flickr – Kevin McShane

I’m sorry but I just have to tell someone – anyone who will listen about the fucking guy who has recently moved in with us…

So, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the other room is just a spare one we would use for when friends came round, so it’s mostly going to waste… My girlfriends parents were quite lonely after their children left the house and had enough money to retire young so they decided to adopt. Phil’s mother abandoned him after birth and the father was nowhere to be seen. He had lived with my in-laws his whole life and they honestly gave him everything he could ever want. He seemed really great to be honest, I’d met him twice before when we went to visit and he was really friendly. The only weird thing was that both times I’d met…

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