An Editor For You

R Lawson Gamble

There iRich Sellings a lot of talk about self publishing. Everyone in the business of books has an eye on the trends. A less noticed trend is the growth, and the individualization of editing.
Readers have expected, and in many cases found, flaws in self published books. An inexperienced writer often does not realize how many errors an author just can’t see. A missing word in the right place disappears, camouflaged within the brain’s projected reality. Find the error, make changes, and like dominoes falling, another error may occur. It is difficult to publish the perfect book.
Publishing houses with their staff editors do better. Yet even here, perfection is rare.
Every book requires editing by multiple eyes. Preferably experienced eyes.
With the advent of self publishing there are many more authors. Consequently, there is a need for many more editors. That void is filling rapidly, but not everyone…

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